Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Garden Stake Signs

Well, this may be my last post for 2010...unless, I happen to get a dose of inspiration (and free time) to make something before the new year. You just never know when creativity will strike.
That said, here are the Christmas signs that I made just recently. Unfortunately, I started these a little too late, so I was only able to make a few. This could possibly be the easiest (and most inexpensive) gift to make for someone and what a great that can be used year after year!

All that is needed: wood - cut into 12"-16" slabs, stakes, paint and brushes. The wood can be purchased from The Home and they'll cut your wood for free! You can find the paint and brushes at Michaels. I used Craft Smart Acrylic Paint. They have every color you could imagine and each bottle only costs about 50 cents. If you don't already have paint brushes, I'd suggest going with a good brand...not the BEST brand, just a good brand. They can be somewhat costly, but it's so worth it. You'll find painting to be much easier and the results to be much nicer with a good brush.

That's all I've got for now. Merry Christmas, everyone! May LOVE, JOY, PEACE & LAUGHTER be with you now and continue throughout the new year. xoxo!

P.S. - Thank you, Lori for giving me the idea to make these and for the time spent together "crafting"...SO FUN!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Sock Advent Calendar

How cute is this? i think...sooooo CUTE! Another great find from I know that we're already into December, but how about for next year??? Click HERE for step-by-step instructions...or just scroll down.

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"Invite little ones to count down to Christmas with this charming treat-a-day calendar. This hanging Advent calendar assembled from baby socks is full of great things, and it's the perfect way to mark the season for a baby or an older child. A collection of stray socks or a mix of new ones in festive colors looks adorable dangling from a ribbon along a mantle or railing. Stuff each mini stocking with an age-appropriate toy. Then, starting on December 1, take down one sock a day, and let your child pull out the surprise inside (clip socks back onto the ribbon after gifts have been removed). The 24 days before Christmas are sure to sail by."

Tools and Materials
24 socks
Number stickers
Round stickers
Mini clothespins

Calendar How-To
1. Gather 24 socks -- singles or 12 pairs -- in colors that go well together (vary the sizes, if you like). Lay them out in the order you want to hang them, leaving spaces in between.
2. Cut the ribbon to the desired length; to find how long it should be, measure across the row of socks and add 12 inches (ours was 72 inches).
3. Use number stickers to label each sock. If one has a busy pattern, place the number on top of a solid round sticker so that it's easier to read.
4. Tack the ends of the ribbon to a railing or mantle; if you like, you can fasten the ribbon in several places to make a few swags.
5. Use mini clothespins to clip the socks to the ribbon; overlap them if you need to save space.
6. Tuck a gift inside each. If the item is heavy, use a larger clothespin to secure the sock.

Note: Gifts must be small enough to fit in tiny socks but safe for your child's age. Choose bath toys, pacifiers, or blocks for a baby; pencils, notebooks, and toys for an older kid.

Friday, December 3, 2010


My dear friend, Shara Braithwaite is an extremely gifted artist...amazingly gifted. I've had the sweet privilege of knowing Shara since we were both in elementary school and thankfully, we've remained friends throughout the years and there's no doubt, we'll continue to be friends for the rest of our lives. Lucky me! :)
Today, I visited Shara in her home and was able to see some of her paintings. I've always known that she was a great artist/painter, but OH MY GOSH!, she's brilliant...truly! These pictures are just a couple glimpses of her talent, but if you'd like to see more of her work, go to Studio Shara and you'll find pieces that will make you smile...from illustrations to family portraits, her work is without question...AMAZING!

photo credit: Studio Shara

photo credit: Studio Shara

I'd like the world to know the name, SHARA BRAITHWAITE and I'll simply start by introducing her to some of you on my tiny little blog.